There are really no words to adequately express the depth of our reaction to the fact that our dear Dr. Mousson Pierre Finnigan, CEO of ORE since the 1980’s, departed this world on the 24 November 2017.

We are all deeply moved by the loss of such an exceptionally devoted, compassionate, and talented leader – who has for decades worked tirelessly in service to the community. She was a truly exceptional person, and it had been a privilege to share time with her, to see in action what it is to be someone entirely devoted to helping in every way possible those around her. She leaves a legacy of positivity that has impacted her family, her community, and a huge number of friends around the world.

We all mourn her loss, missing her company and her presence, never again to be able to speak with her, or hear her laughter. But when we take stock of her life, her values, and the purity of her heart throughout all the difficulties of life, we are also bound to realize that such a being is in no doubt now in a state of peace and wellbeing beyond our imagination.

Her message and her mission were to fight to improve the quality of life of those around her. She directed the activities of ORE to this end, with tenacity, courage, and compassion – and this was also reflected by the loyalty and determination of the entire team working at ORE in the south of Haiti.

Those around her are determined to continue all the programs and activities that were dear to her. Eliassaint Magloire, who for years assisted her and skillfully managed all the major projects, is therefore continuing as the new Executive Director of ORE. In light of our commitment to continuing and expanding our services to the community, we have elected two new board members: Dr Nimi E. Finnigan, Mousson’s daughter and Dr Daniele Bolière.

To many the words come spontaneously, words such as “she was an angel on her way home,” “tu étais un Ange sur terre” (an angel on earth), “une belle pensée pour cet Ange qu’elle est et qui a tellement fait pour ces concitoyens”… (the angel that she is, who has done so much for her fellow compatriots).

As her daughter Nimi wrote: “As many of you may know, my mother passed away this Friday morning at 3:00 am. I don’t have the words yet, and the brief times I do, they don’t make sense or do not seem real. But pictures are words too, so here are some words about my beautiful mother” to which a friend replied: “You are Lucky to have had such a wonderful mother!”

Due to Mousson’s long illness and the need we may have to help cover her hospital fees and funeral arrangements, we have set up a GoFundMe account. If you would like to help, please feel free to contribute through the GoFundMe site. You are also welcome to donate through the ORE Website at

All the collected funds will be used to cover medical bills and funeral arrangements, and any remaining balance will go towards the programs Mousson set up in Haiti: education programs and scholarships that fund the education of children from primary through secondary grades all the way up to graduation, the seeds/crops programs (which provides seeds and improved crops to local farmers), and programs focused on tree-planting and protecting the environment.

We may miss her more than words could convey, but her spirit, her strength of character, and most importantly her love and devotion to service remains with us all.

We need your help to maintain ORE's mission of help to those in need

Une  triste nouvelle – Donnant suite aux travaux pour la communauté

Ceci est pour vous informer officiellement que notre cher Dr Mousson Pierre FINNIGAN, Directeur Général de ORE depuis les années 80, a quitté ce monde le 24 Novembre 2017.

Nous sommes tous profondément émus par la perte de Dr  Mousson Pierre FINNIGAN, une personne exceptionnellement dévouée, compatissante et talentueuse, qui depuis des décennies travaille sans relâche au service de la communauté.

Suite à une Assemblée Générale par téléconférence, les membres du conseil d’Administration de ORE ont élu à l’unanimité Eliassaint MAGLOIRE (Agronome) comme le nouveau Directeur Général de ORE, effectif immédiatement.

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Whatever you donate will go directly to those in need, and with your help we can offer:
  • Education to Overcome Poverty
  • Help to Cover Mousson’s Medical Costs
  • Lasting Protection of the Environment
  • Biofortified Seeds
  • High value Tree crops
  • Nutrient Rich Crops
  • Whatever else is required to rebuilt the communities’ well-being

Any help you offer will make a huge difference!

Even the smallest gift will go a long way to alleviate the suffering. Thank you for your help. Every donation goes in full directly to those in need.